miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2018


The 9th May 2018 is the “Europe Day”, we celebrate this pedagogical celebration in our school with our youngest students of pre primary education in order to improve the solidarity and cooperation among the countries.
The main aims to get in relation to key competences are: knowing a bit more about the country where we live, the relations we have with others countries so as its organization and institutions.
Different activities are being made with our younger students of three years old:colour the different countries of the European Union, learn the colours of our flag and locate Spain in a political map.We make the European flag with its twelve yellow stars symbolizing the identity, harmony and solidarity among different member countries and cultures, with the help of our pupils of four years old. Finally, we learn the names of some neighbouring countries:Portugal, France, Italy, Germany...in a visual way by means of flags and we elaborate a wall mural.
We must remember that in 1950, Schuman, the foreign affairs minister,exposed his idea of a new way of politic cooperation in Europe to avoid a new war among european nations and since still all the celebration Acts are followed in the different countries to commemorate the Europe Day.The message we want to transmit is the idea of team: union, cohesion, and harmony, providing a good climate and quality among them.